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AMINO BCAA construction muscle mass, serum protein essential AMINO acids and branched 500GR 3 flavors CHOCOLATE, apple, forest fruits





Weight: 0.500gr

Usage And Dosage: 1 CAZITO

Shelf Life: 1 AÑO

Product Specification: AMINOACIDOS

Packaging: Bag Package


Gender: Unisex

Department Name: Adult

Charge Unit: Boxes

Certification: ce

TheBCAAThey have this name->Branched-Chain Amino Acids, which are Branched Chain sonaminoacids (also known by siglasAACR) and they are composed of the 3 amino acids we have already commented on: leucine, isoleucinayvaline:


It is mainly responsible for the stimulation of protein synthesis. It is used in the body as an anabolic/muscle mass recovery once the training is completed. Experts recommend the consumption of high quantities of leucine at the time (between 3 and 6 grams), so it is rare to get this input through the diet.

That's why the BCAA exist. There are even some supplements that only have leucine, although they are not too common.

It also has the role of helping with energy and muscle recovery in post-exercise. Leucine has a very favorable response to insulin hormone, and this results in an optimal energy recovery of the body.


Laisoleucine is one of 20 amino acids that use the cells in our body to synthesize proteins. If we analyze its chemical composition, we will be given that this one is quite similar to that of laleucin, with some different properties (for example, the lateral chain of this compound is

It has an active function when forming muscle tissue, also contributes to balancing the balance of nitrogen, as well as helping us recover after exercise. On the other hand, it is crucial to form hemoglobin.

Experts recommend the use of deisoleucine as a compound to reduce the degradation of muscle tissue. To do this, it increases the synthesis of muscle proteins and encourages the entry of nutrients into cells (that is, it has a rather similar function to that of insulin).

In addition to the functions described, it has been proven that it can balance sugar in blood to some extent, prevent and combat viral and bacterial infections, counteracts muscle latatrophy, accelerate wound healing even to help reduce the symptoms of mental ciertostrastornos (how can it be depression, anxiety, distress, As well as different nervous disorders).


Lavalinais another crucial amino acid for training, as it helps shape the tissue that makes up the muscles. It also regulates the body's oxygen balance and contributes to tissue repair.

The body can access the accumulated valine reserves with the aim of creating energy that the muscles will use when training.

It also has other functions not so well known, such as protecting the nervous system, favoring sleep quality, balancing sugar levels, keeping mental health in good condition, prevents degradation of muscle tissue.

It also has an active role to increase muscle protein synthesis, especially if BCAAen supplements are taken where these 3 amino acids are.

Another feature of the BCAAque should be clear to us is that they help us to develop our muscles, very interesting when we are musculating in gyms.

This is where the amino acid of the BCAA comes into play. This compound is responsible for activating protein creation to shape muscle fibers that make up our muscles