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MASS GAINER 6.8 KG CHOCOLATE ,STRAWBERRY, vanilla for MASS increase and quality muscle volume, whey MUSCULARCON MASS winner






Weight: 6.8kg

Usage And Dosage: 40GR/3 VECES AL DIA

Shelf Life: 2 años

Product Specification: HIDRATOS

Packaging: Bag Package

Ingredients: INGREDIENTES FRESA : Concentrado de proteina de leche, Aromas, Amidon

Gender: Unisex

Department Name: Middle-aged

Charge Unit: Bags

Certification: ce

TheMas GainerIt may be the ultimate solution that the sportsman has been looking for for his training. If you're training, and you want to target more specific targets, then you're interested to know everything about theSports supplementsMore effective, although you will always have to take them based on your needs, demands and goals.

There is one thing to consider before talking about this product: When the sportsman consumes it, it is considered aNatural supplement. In no case will we be talking aboutDoping, So its use is allowed and will not give any anomalous results in analysis.

Without further delay, we will analyze everything you need to know about this revolutionary sports supplement. We will find that it is, what are theTargetsWhich are pursued with the shot, as should be taken and which is the best mass gainer on the market:

Win mass

The main objective pursued by the sportsman who consumesMass GainerEn gain muscle mass (in fact, the translation of the term into our language would be precisely that, “gain muscle mass.

Brazing filler calories

Precisely, conseguiremos thisGain muscle massDue to the protein supply the body will receive from the supplement. We 've already seen that many sportsmen have a hard time gaining muscle Masque, and they often eat because they have a metabolism that consumes many calories.

The idea is to get them to gain weight quickly. Although this value is approximate, it is possible to consume up to1000 calories per Mass Gainer smoothie.

We can find Mass Gainer products available at different calorie levels. Controlling this level of calories is very important as, if we don't, we can raise the level of fat without pretending. Most commonly, they are presented with a level of calories ranging from400And the600.

Recommendation:It is worth starting with small amounts of milkshake and, as you react positively with our body, increasing the quantities. That way we won't pass.

Recuperador muscle

Another of the objectives that can be expected from theMass gainerIs emplearlo asRecuperador muscle. Athletes who undergo intense training have to exhaust their reserves of glycogen and proteins. Mass gainer is a product that has a high percentage of protein and carbohydrates, thus encouragingMuscle recovery.

Regeneration of damaged muscle tissues

When trained, the muscles are subjected to certain stress and will suffer some kind of damage that will depend on the intensity of the training, the type, as well as the way of training. TheMass ganierIt also contributes to the regeneration of damaged muscle tissues, reducing the recovery time we are recovered as soon as possible.

Special employment from fats

Among the differentTypes Mass GainerExisting, some of them are designed with very particular fat types that allow the sportsman to remain more lean, while his muscles will improve.

Experts recommend the consumption of a type of gainer that has a good ratio of medium chain triglycerides and the minimum amount of saturated fat as possible.

Improves performance Sports

At some point in the paragraphs above we have mentioned that some of the supplementsMass GainerThey are presented with a component calledCreatine, Which is of great importance at the sports level.

It has been shown that this supplement allows the sportsman to increase his sporting performance, in addition to extending the muscles. Creatine supplements may be purchased in addition, but withMass GainerThat already has it, we'll save ourselves having to do the shopping.

In addition, to get creatine to achieve maximum performance, it must be combined with a high amount of carbohydrates, and it is not always easy to get the relationship. TheMass GainerIt already has the right proportion of creative + carbohydrates. This will make the sportsman not have to get so complicated and focus on the most important:Train.

In short, theMass GainerIt is a highly requested product in the sport supplementation plane, ideal for any kind of person (as long as you are clear about your needs and know your goals and limitations).

This is a small summary of the mainBenefits of Mass Gainer.

· Provides a great source ofCaloriesAl sportsman.

-Allows you to regenerate the glycogen levels of the muscles.

-Encourages protein synthesis.

-Stimulates the release of the insulin component.

-Speed up the sportsman's recovery.

-Contributes to tissue regeneration.

✅How should you take a Gainer?

Now that you already have a lot of information about theGainers, We can move on to the next step which is to learn how to take. Also veremosWhenWhat you must take.

If you 've taken protein shakes, then you'll realize that taking aMass gainerIt doesn't have much mystery. They are very similar to whey supplements that are marketed.

Here we're gonna assume we're gonna take it in the form of a smoothie. If we chose pills, there wouldn't be a great mystery either: it would be as easy as to consume them with a little water, following the proper periodicity.

We'll have to create the smoothie and, for that, we need a liquid. TheMass GainerIntended for smoothies are marketed in the form of powder, intended to last for a long time.

We can use different types of liquids, although the most common thing is to opt for water or milk.

· Milk Mass Gainer smoothies:They are recommended for those who want to earn some extra calories, or to improve the flavor of the smoothie. However, the type of milk and the time left to train will have to be taken into account. If we do not respect times, we can face certain problems, such asFlato.

· Mass Gainer smoothies with water:They're the lightest ones. They allow us to better control calories, as water has none. However, they do not taste the smoothie and this makes many sportsmen do not get it.

These supplements feature such a structure that doesn't always mix well using a spoon. We may very well have to use a container to shake it, or a blender to prevent those dreaded lumps from remaining. With a good smoothie we can also improve its flavor.

In regards to theQuantity spoonfulsThat we will throw the milkshake, it will depend on our objectives and theNutritional valueFree shippingMass Gainer. We'll have to take a look at micronutrient and calorie values to adjust consumption to the goals we want to meet.

The most common thing is to use 1 or 2 tablespoons at most. If we add more than this amount, the resulting liquid will be so thick that swallowing it can be a total odyssey. In addition, a larger quantity could lead to certain side effects, such as:

· Excess fat:Calculates that a hypocaloric diet may have a number of calories ranging from2300 and 3200. If we have complications to reach this amount, theMass GainerCan ayudarnos. However, if we take a greater amount of calories, we will gain more fat and not muscle.

& Middot; Allergies:It is not too likely, but it has been shown that, with a higher dose than normal, recurrent, it can raise the possibility of an allergic reaction.

· Kidney problems:Creatine has been shown to be a completely safe component for health and our training. However, a high amount could cause some damage to the kidneys, even dehydration paintings.

· Discover the sugar levels of theTypesMass GainerThey have certain sugars that allow you to increase the level of calories and, at the same time, make the powders go well. The contribution of large quantities of sugar to the body can lead to significant health problems.

When should a Gainer be taken?

The truth is, we can take theGainerAny time of the day, but you'll always have to take control of the amount of calories we're integrating into the diet, as well as the macronutrients we're incorporating. If at the end of the day, calorie consumption has been higher than spending, the desired weight gain will occur.

& Middot; Breakfast:The sportsman who consumesMass GainerHe prefers to consume the product first thing in the morning, as part of the breakfast. It's a good option to have extra energy anytime of the day.

· Before training:It can also be used just before training, as it is a way to getExtra power makeup waterAt the same time that we prevent this from affecting our goal of gaining weight.

· After training:If taken after training, the regeneration of damaged muscle tissues will be encouraged. Thus, the body will be recovered earlier to do sport. At the same time, the possibility of injury will be reduced.

The most recommended, if you want to have a smoothie before or after exercise, is to decant for a low fat supplement, and a high carbohydrate content. MostMass GainerThey meet these requirements, but not all of them, so what you are looking for before you make a decision will have to be kept in mind.

· Several takes a day:Another option we can choose from is to consume several of these smoothies a day. We can split them in 2 or more shots, but always making sure we don't get past the prescribed daily dose. However, this system has a problem and is that experts do not recommend other food consumption in a time before40-60 minutesAfter the supplement. This limits the schedule a lot when it comes to consuming it, or can affect routines a lot, preventing us from being constant.

These are just some basic guidelines onLike and when you should take a GainerBut the brand's opinion must always prevail. Only then can we make sure that we are consuming it in the right way.

✅What is the best mass gainer on the market?

There are some features that can help us choose theBest Mass GainerOf the market, as follows:

· How many calories does it give us?:Before you choose the Mass Gainer, we must take into account the amount of calories you are going to provide. Based on this, and on what we seek, we will choose the one who brings us more or less calories. In addition, it should be noted that most of these calories come directly from carbohydrates (between 25-50%).

& Middot; Composition:You are interested to know the exact composition of theGainer. Experts indicate that it is appropriate to choose aMass GainerHave proteins that can be absorbed at different speeds. So we can have lasting and constant energy for as long as training lasts. A good Gainer should count onVitamins and MineralsTo adapt to the demands of the sportsman.

· Carbohydrate mixture:Also important resultsBuy Mass GainerCombining different types of carbohydrates (simple and complex), as this will make it clear that protein assimilation will be good.

On the one hand, simple carbohydrates are those that encourage recovery once training is over. And they'll give us immediate energy.

However, most Masss Gainer carbohydrates are complex, allowing us to get energy in a longer way.

& Middot; Flavor:The taste may seem like a secondary element… but try to consume everyday the same smoothie with an unpleasant taste. As motivated as we can get to be, sooner or later we'll end up leaving the smoothie aside. It is advisable to consume a smoothie that has a flavor that we really like. It will also greatly influence the liquid you mix with: As we have already commented, milk will give you a better flavor of the smoothie, although it will complicate calorie management.

· Easy to digest:The right thing about the consumption system of aMass GainerIn milkshake format it is very easy to digest, much more than pills, even until diet. The only thing we'll have to worry about will be the ingredients that make up the product. Here we will consider intolerances or possible allergies. In the case where we experience some kind of itch by consuming the product, or some kind of discomfort, we will stop consuming it.

& Middot; Brand:Betting on a good brand is crucial inBuy the Mass Gainer. The good brands guarantee that the composition will be full, legitimate and that it will help you achieve the goals you have set. Just take a look at the opinions and testimonials of those who have tested the brand articles to realize how well they work.

It is more than advisable that you contact aNutritionist SportsSo that I can advise you on the type ofSuplementación sportswearThat you seek, and if it is advisable for you to consumeMass GainerAnd no.

With all the information in this text, you will have it easier when choosing theMass GainerThat suits you.

Ingredients strawberry: Milk protein concentrate, flavourings, maize Amydon, dextrose, maltodextrin, glycine, stabilizing (sodium carboxymethylcellulose) concentrated whey protein concentrated beet root juice powder (Beta vulgaris L), acidulant (citric acid), sodium chloride and sweetener (sucralose)

CHOCOLATE ingredients: Milk protein concentrate, flavourings, maize Amydon, dextrose, maltodextrin, glycine, stabilizing (sodium carboxymethylcellulose) concentrated whey protein cocoa seed powder (cocoa Tehobroma), acidulant (citric acid), sodium chloride and sweetener (sucralose)

Ingredients vanilla: Milk protein concentrate, Aromas, maiz Amydon, dextrose, maltodextrin, glycine, stabilizing (sodium carboxymethylcellulose) protein from sodium chloride and sweetener (sucralose)

Nutritional information 100g 180g

Energy value 1469kj/351kcal 2644kj/633kcal

Fats 1.22g 2.20g

Of which 0.76g 1.37g

Carbohydrates 73.14g 131.65g

Of which sugar 53.42g 96.16g

Protein 11.97g 21.55g

Salt 0.24g 0.44g

Chloride 121.32mg 218.38mg


Glycine 7.284,14mg 13.111,45mg

L-glutamic acid 635,58mg 1.144,05mg

L-leucine 317,46mg 571,42mg

L-proline 272,32mg 490,18mg

L-lysine 270,25mg 486,45mg

L-aspartic acid 269,77mg 485,59mg

L-valine 191,38mg 344,48mg

L-isoleucine 172,18mg 309,93mg

L-serine 167,06mg 300,71mg

L-treonine 161,99mg 291,58mg

L-tyrosine 138,38mg 249,08mg

L-phenylalanine 136,12mg 245,02mg

L-alanine 118,97mg 214,15mg

L-arginine 103,67mg 186,61mg

L-methionine 78,58mg 141,44mg

L-histidine 78,40mg 141,12mg

L-tryptophan 43,23mg 77,81mg

L-cysteine 40,63mg 73,14mg