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Redshift Pack Light Carbon Headset Stem Caps 32mm Titanium Screw for MTB Mountain Bike Road Bicycle Cycling Accessories Parts



Let's Turn Those Heads!!

Your bike is not only means of fitness, transportation, and fun; it is also a way for you to express your unique style!

From Custom Painted Frames to wheel decals. Nearly every part of your bike can be customized. But what about the stem caps?

Stem cap is the first thing you look at when you mount your bike. Also, the part your stare at the most during your ride.


Whether you call it a stem cap, headset cover, top cap, or round thingy on top of your stem, we have a better solution.

Eye Catching Design

After hours of design, numerous prototypes, bike rides and a few beers, we have created a series of stem caps that we are proud of and excited to share with you.

Built to Last

We deeply believed that the good components should be reliable, installed and totally get forgotten.

We use the best material we can find to build this headset cap. I don't want to bother you guys with complex words.

Usually, the typical super-light headset cap can only bear a 5nm torque. But we can easily do 15 nm and stay perfectly fine. (We do not recommend this)

Ti Screws also does a great job on anti-corrosion and rust.

We use high quality special sticker just like the bike frame to manufacture our stem caps, so they are both anti scratch and weather resistant. It will survive a long time even under the rain or sun.

So, we are confident that our stem cap was built to last.

Weight Weenies-Friendly

Postings saying "How much does X bike component weigh?" can be found on almost every bicycle relate BBS.

Fortunately, you can save several grams here which cost you a fraction of your money.

32mm cap with screw about 6 grams

Another victory for weight-weenies~


Cap Material : 3k Carbon

Screw Material : TC4 Titanium

Total Weight : 6 Grams

Outer Diameter: 32mm

Steer Diameter: 28.6mm

Championing Entrepreneurship Empowering Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses are the economic backbones of societies around the world, providing innovative solutions and services to their customers. However, in times of rapid change and globalization, we face disproportionate business challenges.

We understand the struggle as we are a young startup company ourselves. The Spring Sprouts program is Redshift’s initiative to help our fellow small businesses owners to grow and prosper.

If you have your own cycling business, no matter big or small, online or local bike shop. No matter how many quantities you want to order. You can always contact us and get yourself a special discount.

By using our leading innovation and competitive cost-performance to help other aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners get their businesses on the right track to business growth and success.